How PDM Automates Common Tasks–Part II

As many of you may be aware, PDM uses RealMed ( as its clearinghouse. One common task that must be done daily is the sending of claims files to RealMed. This may sound trivial, but it’s really kind of a pain for someone to spend time out of their day, everyday, to remember to upload files to RealMed – especially when we are talking about almost one hundred files a day. So, we decided to automate this task. Here’s how.

All of our claims files are entered into one folder by the program that generates them.  The two things we want to do is upload the files to RealMed and save the file in an archive folder.  We have a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package that does just that!


The first thing our SSIS package does is create an archive folder to store a copy of the file for auditing purposes and the like.  We create that folder with that day’s date as its name.  Check out the screenshot:


As files are copied to RealMed’s secure FTP site, the files are then moved to the archive folder.  Notice that in the last step we send an email to management to let them know the process is complete.  PDM runs this automated task every business day at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm.  That’s right, we upload files to our clearinghouse 4 times a day.  So please, get your stuff to us early so you can be one of the first to go out!

By automating this task, not only do we free up labor from a mundane task to better serve you, our client, but we can also take full advantage of that automation by scheduling it to run several times a day.  Again, this may seem trivial, but believe me it’s better than having to ask everyone “Hey!  Did anyone upload claims yet?!?!” every day!


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